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Top 20 Jazz Billboard Artist Justin Young travels the World performing for Theatres, Festivals, Cruises and TV. Justin's unique sound has garnered him appearances with The Temptations and opportunities to share the stage with Earth, Wind & Fire, Lauryn Hill, Dave Koz, Brian McKnight, KC & The Sunshine Band, Peter White, Euge Groove, Gerald Albright and many others. ​


Justin Young sounds utterly natural when he plays, but those sweet lines of soulful notes come through years of study, training and commitment to his love of music. Born in Warren, Michigan, just outside Detroit, Young grew up in a musical household and performed in 100+ shows per year. With over 7 albums released, Justin can currently be heard on radio stations around the World.  


As a Producer, Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist, Justin writes and produces for Artists around the world and records to the highest standard of analog recording equipment: Trident Analog Console, Otari MTR-90 and audio hardware. Justin has written songs for Kim Scott, Lin Rountree, Dee Lucas, Tony Exum, The 3 Keys, Jesse Thompson, Vearl T, Sy Baldwin, Terrie Rimson and many more.    


Justin Young had audiences talking with ground breaking stage shows. Presenting the audience with amazing saxophone skills and incredible vocalists, has put this show into a league of its own. From Justin’s original music to hits we all love, you don’t want to miss this show.  


In the Beginning:

Growing up in Warren, Michigan music was always heard throughout the house: Rock, Disco, JAZZ, MOTOWN and 80’s of every artist imaginable. My dad, Jim Young makes a living playing guitar and keyboards with his band, Kaleidoscope. I remember seeing digital piano’s, synthesizers, guitar amps and a vast array of musical equipment covering the family room growing up. With rehearsals in the family room, my sister Nicole who was born on the same day as me (June 25th), just a year earlier, were instructed not to touch all the cool music instruments and large mixing board. J As old as 2 years old, my dad took a plastic guitar, engineered a guitar jack into it so I could act like I was plugging the guitar in the couch, as if it was a guitar amp. Watching my dad’s live performances across the country, I caught the music bug and it never left me. My sister Nicole ended up playing the saxophone as well. My dad mentioned that playing the saxophone would help us pay for college since performing in a wedding band could be lucrative….boy was he right!


Since Warren, MI is so close to Detroit aka Motown, I found a lot of my favorite music was either funk or soul music. Bands such as Earth, Wind and Fire, Dazz Band, Gap Band, Kool and the Gang, Prince, Morris Day and The Time and Michael Jackson was just a short list of my favorites. Since I remember hearing loud music in the family room, that was probably the reason why the first instrument I brought home in 4th grade were the drums! I remember seeing the large shiny drum sets and the loud noises you could make with them! After packing up the practice pad set into the drum bag, I was so excited to show my Dad. Then, I remember my Dad’s words, “did you ever try the saxophone?”. The next day, I brought home the saxophone and fell in love with it, except for the part I couldn’t remember where to place my hands on it! While practicing the saxophone, I would always listen a portion of ‘Mo Roots’ by Maceo Parker to get me inspired to practice. That CD by Maceo Parker was the first CD I purchased.  


The Growing Years: 

The fondest memory I have during the following year, while I was in 5th grade at Westview Elementary School in Warren, MI was performing Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called to Say I love you”. Standing up on stage in front of the whole school performing my saxophone in front of an audience for the first time gave me a feeling I’ve never felt before. I still remember this crazy orange jacket I wore on stage. (don’t laugh, it was the 80’s!!) Since then, I’ve loved every opportunity to perform! My first Jazz band experience was in grades 6,7 and 8 at Chatterton Middle School in Warren, MI. I was blessed to grow up in the Fitzgerald school district because the band programs were very strong and were taught at much higher levels. The 6th grade talent show was the first time I walked in the audience playing the saxophone. This experience put me out of my comfort zone for the first time performing Kenny G’s Forever In Love. Since 6th grade, I’ve had numerous opportunities to practice performing in the audience and I can now say I’ve perfected it. private parties and corporate events. I had a blast performing with a professional band and was able to learn many important qualities to performing in front of a crowd, such as playing the saxophone and performing for an audience are two separate entities. Since Kaleidoscope was a show band, I had to learn how to make a show!  


Justin's most significant influences growing up were Prince, Maceo Parker, Kenny G, Tower of Power, Earth Wind and Fire, Michael Jackson, Dave Koz and the Gap Band. Justin states, "My first CD was "Mo Roots" by Maceo Parker. The unique sound of Maceo's rhythms on sax and the feel he had on his album really intrigued me. I like music that grooves and takes me to a different place that the place I was at when I started listening to the song.

"Billboard charting Saxophonist Justin Young is a rising star in the music industry"
"Justin Young's music is a perfect blend of smooth jazz and contemporary pop, making him a favorite among music lovers"

Music Today Magazine

Jazz Weekly

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